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“I’m terribly scared mother”, I’d say every night

Clutching the tattered end of her sari as she put me to sleep

“Don’t leave me alone mother for I fear the Monster!”

I pleaded and implored her to not leave

There are no monsters in this world, my child” she’d say

But I saw monsters, each and every day

I saw the monster in my mother’s terrified eyes

In the bruises she tried very hard to hide

I could see that the monster hurt her everyday

Yet, never for once she paid heed to what I had to say


“There’s a Monster in the house mother!”, I’d say

I hear it yell and growl behind closed doors everyday

Too scared I am to come out of my room mother.

I know it is very much out there!

“Honey, these are your imaginations or maybe just a dream”, said she

Was she fighting it alone just to keep it away from me?


One chilly night, she died – fighting the monster all alone

How brave she was to give up her life – A hero for me she was!

Quietly as I sobbed, my father approached me with open arms

Tightly I shut my eyes as he came closer and closer

And tried convincing myself, “There are no Monster’s in this world”

“There are no Monster’s in this world”


Ah! My Country Side

Posted: November 17, 2012 in Poems
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Mad rush turned me deaf and blind
A life reduced to cash and kind.
I’m running away from a sticky web
To save myself from this worldly grab!

I kept running with all my might,
Until the green hills caught my sight,
I’m running away from city lights,
To lose myself to starry nights!!!

Oh! How I’ve missed my country life,
My sweet abode by the river side…
I’ve missed falling from olive trees,
Scratching my elbows and my knees!

As I lie under the evening sky,
I see home-bound herons fly!
Beaks full of insects and pest,
For babies in their cozy nest.

Sun showered its last red beam,
Over the paddy, gold and green.
Breeze wheezed past, teasing the grass
The paddy rustled and let it pass!

Among the tall green grass I lie,
Listening to the brook flowing by.
Through woods and the stones she flows,
Somewhere none but only she knows!!!

Sky has now turned black and gold,
Stars wink at me as night unfold,
I ask them, “Where were you till today?”
City lights blinded me is what they say!

I’ve left behind the world so mad.
My soul is so happy and I’m so glad.
I wish to stay hidden here forever
None should find me, never ever!



Life and Love

Posted: October 14, 2012 in Poems
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What is life… a beautiful sun ray?
It will move on, come what may
Tears dry out, one or another day
Pain subsides is what they all say!

What is life… a complex wordplay?
If misread – it hurts to death, I say
Hope flourishes like a heavenly ray
To be shattered soon – a toy of clay.

What is life… tints and shades of gray?
Learning to smirk when pain in heart lay
Love never dies how much ever you say
Deep wound of lost-love shall forever stay!



Highs and Lows

Posted: September 9, 2012 in Poems
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When joyous is soul with ecstasy,
She picks the brush and paints the sea,
Or sketches a life she loves to death,
Prizes solitude and silence she hath!

When happiness in heart makes her sing,
She laughs and talks like a flowing spring,
Or is immersed in her world of books,
Sways to old songs while she cooks!

When bored with the work at hand,
She rather slacks than withstand,
Surfs the net or scribbles her dreams,
Time never passes, or so it seems!

When in her heart some sorrow seeps,
She thinks a lot and silently weeps,
Finds solace in enlightened being,
Nurtures her soul to grow and sing!

But when distressed with deeper pain,
When all efforts to cheer goes vain,
When a scared heart beats and skips,
Silently she puts herself to sleep.



Beautifully Dreadful…

Posted: August 30, 2012 in Poems



The sun shone bright as the clouds swam by,
Blended with your smile, so pure and shy.
The sky smiled bright, warm blue was the hue,
A beautiful day ’twas, the day I fell for you.

Calm and tardy, in thoughts you were lost,
Your eyes sparkled and my heart-beat stopped.
You turned and smiled as you walked past me,
My whole being rippled, like a wave in the sea.

I prayed “Lord, Don’t end this day at any cost”
To be yours forever was what I longed for most.
I wished you to stop, but your walk didn’t cease
My whole being swayed, like a tree in the breeze.

I searched for you when in crowd you were lost
Never I’ll see you again, I feared it the most
The clouds turned black and the sky changed hue
Dreadful day ’twas, the day I fell for you.



Temporary Death

Posted: August 25, 2012 in Poems



I wish to die…
I long for freedom
Free of my conscience
Free of my subconscious mind
Freedom from thoughts
Unaware of everything around me
Lost in a long long sleep!

I wish to die…
I wish to break free
Freedom from all love
Freedom from hatred
Free of all fears engulfing me
Freedom from my obsessions
I wish to be free of this life!

I wish to die…
I need some rest
A break from this Life
Free of all worldly relations
Freedom from my liabilities
Free of every agony and pain
To fall into a deep refreshing sleep!

I wish to die…
But I want to come back
To this beautiful world
Rejuvenated – filled with joy
I wish to live happy and gay
Singing melodious songs of life
I want death – a temporary death!



I Fear To Die…

Posted: August 19, 2012 in Poems



I fear every dawn…

Even before I open my eyes

Before I thank the lord

You come flashing to my mind

I glow for an instant

But my heart soon sinks – that you aren’t mine!


I fear every day…

To face the world with a smile

To act all happy and perfect

With a heart that is bleeding inside

With a soul weeping bitterly

I am so tired of acting in this world – a masked face!


I fear every night…

To fall asleep, to dream

Lest I should dream of you

I am exhausted – I can’t cry anymore

Not even in my dreams

I dread to sleep – Lord! I pray for a dreamless sleep!


I fear even to die…

I fear going away forever

Here, the air we breathe is same

We tread the same soil everyday

The same sun shines on you and me

Same Moon smiles at us – I feel connected, wherever you are!