A song for thee

Posted: July 30, 2012 in Poems



Thou art her deep and mighty ocean,
Solace in her soul she hath found.
Soothing stillness, fathomless depth
Awestruck, thou left her spellbound!

The twinkle in those piercing eyes
Wonder, what they truly mean!
She has the desire to dive deep into

And, explore what lies within!!

Thou stirred and whirled the world she lived

Colors again she saw in life.
Thou have some magic flowing in thy veins
For, you ended her inner strife.

As gay as a lark, she now sings out loud
Merrier than a little child is she
A bustling, boiling kettle threw off its lid
An untamed heart yearns for thee!

Thou art the joy she hath longed forever,
But had never really found.
Thou shalt be the meaning of her life, eternal…
For feelings she has so profound!!!




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