Soul Search on Delhi Rape Case

Posted: December 21, 2012 in Philosophy, Psychology, Soul Searching
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We may protest and debate and reform our laws and policies… We can make an issue out of it and soon forget about it. But is that enough? Where is the root of all this?

We live in a society where the very mention of the word “sex” causes us to shy away. Talking about sex openly is still a taboo. We are taught as if it is something that has to be suppressed. We are expected to remain chaste, naive and ignorant about sex till we are married (or at least till the age of 18). Come on… One of the rapists was a minor…!!!

We live in a society where we receive little or no sex-education at school… where premarital sex cannot even be mentioned without hesitation, How is it any different from any other human sensation and instinct? Hiding it or shying away from it causes more curiosity and hence its unwanted after effects. Philosophically speaking – what we resist, persists.

We live in a society where poverty, illiteracy, abuse and violence etc. are too rampant to rear morally sound people – to produce sensitive human beings. Blaming the culprits or even hanging them is not going to solve anything.

We live in a society where an unmarried mother is questioned about her morality. Don’t we know that a male plays an equal role in human reproduction? We live in a society where there is tremendous gender bias… where we find only female feminists. Even they are looked down upon as dogs that bark for no reason. To liberate females, males have to be liberated as well. Blaming men for oppression or blaming females for accepting it will lead us nowhere.

Why live in denial?

And today I “shamelessly” write this for you to read it and be “shamelessly bold” enough to share it, only if you agree to it.



  1. RAMU DAS says:

    I do agree. I think death penalty would set an example for such hooligans to refrain from doing such acts. However, we don’t have a law for awarding death sentence to the culprits in regards to a rape case.

    Our law takes the matter very lightly, and punishes the culprit or culprits only for a certain period of time, and after that (after serving certain prison term) the culprits are once again set free to continue their horrendous and brutal activity, that brings shame to humanity as a whole. Only when the rape victim is dead, the law makes it mandatory for the culprits to be sentenced to death. This is a bad example.

    So long the laws are not amended for such crimes, nothing can happen for the betterment of our country.

  2. surindernath says:

    Delhi case has once again proved that Darwin was only half-right when he said that we have “evolved” – only females have, males are still ferocious animals !

  3. Well written, Nisha.. ” What we resist, presists.” – Loved it..

  4. Harbans says:

    First of all thank you very much for bringing out the topical issue. It has been seen that the people’s memory is very short. After sometimes, this heinous crime committed by the criminals will be forgotten. But as long as it remain in our memories, it is best that we should try and contribute in whatever way we can for educating general people about what laws should be enacted, commensurate with the crime perpetrated. Yes, I am sure, this time the Govt of the day cannot ignore the voice of people. Laws will be enacted and the criminals, whosoever and whatever their standings justice will be done. The punishment should be exemplary so that the people concerned cannot take recourse to the loopholes prevalent in our laws. Now that every evidence is pointing towards their culpibility, sure enough, punishment would be severe and that will serve as a deterrence for future.

    Lets see that this happens. Secondly, my opinion is that our society as a whole has to change their mindset. Idea should go that a society which does not give the rightful place to the women is doomed to go down as a civilized society. Respect should come from our society that the women – mothers, sisters, daughters are the source of procreation and if they are not given their rightful position, sure enough, then a day will dawn when everything will go haywire.

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