There Are No Monsters In This World!

Posted: February 21, 2016 in Poems
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“I’m terribly scared mother”, I’d say every night

Clutching the tattered end of her sari as she put me to sleep

“Don’t leave me alone mother for I fear the Monster!”

I pleaded and implored her to not leave

There are no monsters in this world, my child” she’d say

But I saw monsters, each and every day

I saw the monster in my mother’s terrified eyes

In the bruises she tried very hard to hide

I could see that the monster hurt her everyday

Yet, never for once she paid heed to what I had to say


“There’s a Monster in the house mother!”, I’d say

I hear it yell and growl behind closed doors everyday

Too scared I am to come out of my room mother.

I know it is very much out there!

“Honey, these are your imaginations or maybe just a dream”, said she

Was she fighting it alone just to keep it away from me?


One chilly night, she died – fighting the monster all alone

How brave she was to give up her life – A hero for me she was!

Quietly as I sobbed, my father approached me with open arms

Tightly I shut my eyes as he came closer and closer

And tried convincing myself, “There are no Monster’s in this world”

“There are no Monster’s in this world”

  1. This is disturbing! Very well written.

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