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Il Postino

Posted: August 29, 2012 in Movies, Reviews

Here is a short conversation from my all time favourite movie – Il Postino. The movie is based on the life of famous poet Pablo Neruda and his friendship with a small town postman Mario during his exile due to political reasons (he was a communist).

I love this conversation between naive and childish Mario and highly intelligent and poetic Pablo Neruda…


Mario: Don Pablo, good morning. I’ve got to talk to you.

Pablo Neruda: It must be very important.You’re snorting like a horse.

Mario: It’s very important. I’ve fallen in love.

Pablo Neruda: Nothing serious. There’s a remedy.

Mario: No, no remedy! I don’t want a remedy. I want to stay sick.
I’m in love,really, really in love.

(I personally loved this part… Mario is so innocent and cute. The way he wants to bear the sweet pain of love for Beatrice is really touching.)

Pablo Neruda: Who are you in love with?

Mario: Her name’s Beatrice.

Pablo Neruda: Dante.Dante Allghieri.He fell for a certain Beatrice. Beatrices have inspired boundless love.

What are you doing?

Mario: Writing down the name Dante. Dante I know, but Allghieri… Has it got an ”h” in it?

Pablo Neruda: Wait, I’ll write it for you.

Mario: Thank you. I’m madly in love.

Pablo Neruda: You’ve already told me that, but what can I do about it?

Mario: I don’t know, if you can help.

Pablo Neruda: But I’m an old man.

Mario: I don’t know, because… I suddenly saw her in front of me. I stared at her, but I couldn’t utter a word.

Pablo Neruda: What, you didn’t say anything to her?

Mario: Not much. I watched her and fell in Love.

Pablo Neruda: Just like that? In a flash?

Mario: No, I stared at her for ten minutes first.

Pablo Neruda: And she?

Mario: And she said… What’s up,never seen a woman before? I asked – What’s your name? She replied – Beatrice Russo.

Pablo Neruda: And you?

Mario: I couldn’t think of anything to say.

Pablo Neruda: Nothing at all? You didn’t say a word?

Mario: Not exactly nothing. I said five words to her.

Pablo Neruda: Which were?

Mario: I said, ”What’s your name?”

Pablo Neruda: And she?

Mario: And she: ”Beatrice Russo.

Pablo Neruda: ”What’s your name?” are three words. And the other two?

Mario: Then I repeated Beatrice Russo.

(HAHA…. isn’t he so naive and sweet?)

Love struck Mario… lost in thoughts of Beatrice.


Now comes the funniest part – Poor Neruda!!!

Mario: Don PabIo, if…. I don’t want to bother you, but… can you write me a poem for Beatrice?

Pablo Neruda: I don’t even know her! A poet needs to know the object of his inspiration! I can’t invent something out of nothing.

Mario: I’ve got this little ball… which Beatrice put in her mouth. She’s touched it.

Pablo Neruda: So what?

Mario: It might help you.

(Now at this point, Pablo Neruda is irritated, confused and is completely baffled… They are both frustrated by their own respective reasons. Look at the way Mario speaks now…. hahahaha)

Mario: Look, Poet… if you make all this fuss over one poem… you’re never going to win that Nobel Prize!

(LOL… BTW Beatrice eloped with Mario impressed by his poems… Mario tried copying Neruda’s poem and this proved helpful in impressing Beatrice!!! Also, Neruda won the Nobel prize for literature in 1971.)

This Movie is a must watch… A lovely poem like movie!