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Arunachal…. The land of rising sun, one of the seven sisters of North Eastern India is known for its rare and exotic bamboo and cane crafts. The amazingly crafted bamboo and cane hats have the strongest potential to put today’s fancy and modern hats to shame…. the amazing backpacks they weave to carry daily supplies and store essentials will leave you stunned and make one feel like throwing away the stylish bags you’ve  ever bought….!!! These are no less than any other crafts of the world… be it in style, durability, strength or beauty.

Then why are they still not popular or publicized….??? Why not may people are involved in reviving these crafts? The reason is not a simple one…. it’s a really complex situation for us.  The weak economic condition of the people and struggle of daily lives do not encourage the indigenous craftsmen to continue their traditional culture. Instead they spend their every penny educating their children rather than expecting them to preserve their exotic creations…..

It will be a real shame for us if these rare things are lost someday…. It will be no less sin than physically killing those tribes if we the educated Indians stop being responsible to what is ours. Let us not forget what Nehru once said…”I do not agree with the criticism that the preservation of tribal art and tribal dress indicated a desire to keep the tribal people as museum specimens. The danger is that these people will lose their culture and have nothing to replace it.” And of course we the young  and educated  shall be the ones who shall bear the sin of their identity loss.