Beautifully Dreadful…

Posted: August 30, 2012 in Poems



The sun shone bright as the clouds swam by,
Blended with your smile, so pure and shy.
The sky smiled bright, warm blue was the hue,
A beautiful day ’twas, the day I fell for you.

Calm and tardy, in thoughts you were lost,
Your eyes sparkled and my heart-beat stopped.
You turned and smiled as you walked past me,
My whole being rippled, like a wave in the sea.

I prayed “Lord, Don’t end this day at any cost”
To be yours forever was what I longed for most.
I wished you to stop, but your walk didn’t cease
My whole being swayed, like a tree in the breeze.

I searched for you when in crowd you were lost
Never I’ll see you again, I feared it the most
The clouds turned black and the sky changed hue
Dreadful day ’twas, the day I fell for you.



  1. Harbans says:

    Wonderfully worded tinged with beautiful blend of thoughts. Really thought provoking.

  2. i really liked this post of yours!

  3. Teju says:

    short, crisp & lovely! 🙂

  4. nelzzy says:

    its super nice…i can really relate to that beautifully dreadful feeling of falling for someone…gee you’re so good…you’re an inspiration for someone as inexperienced a writer as myself….god bless….

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