I Fear To Die…

Posted: August 19, 2012 in Poems



I fear every dawn…

Even before I open my eyes

Before I thank the lord

You come flashing to my mind

I glow for an instant

But my heart soon sinks – that you aren’t mine!


I fear every day…

To face the world with a smile

To act all happy and perfect

With a heart that is bleeding inside

With a soul weeping bitterly

I am so tired of acting in this world – a masked face!


I fear every night…

To fall asleep, to dream

Lest I should dream of you

I am exhausted – I can’t cry anymore

Not even in my dreams

I dread to sleep – Lord! I pray for a dreamless sleep!


I fear even to die…

I fear going away forever

Here, the air we breathe is same

We tread the same soil everyday

The same sun shines on you and me

Same Moon smiles at us – I feel connected, wherever you are!



  1. Thank you for visiting my poetry site and becoming a follower. In your poetry work, I see my own writing. We walk the same path. Blessings in your journey. I am now also your “follower.” I am looking forward to you becoming a part of my WordPress family.

  2. Harbans says:

    The feeling expressed in this poem are really awe inspiring.

  3. very strongly felt emotions here…quite liked it.

  4. Well composed poem.,yet very nice.Regards.Jalal

  5. For the second time ,when l read your poem(afraid to die)there is reality we can’t deny ,life ,dreams and to die .The happiness remain a secret .The wisdom of the creator is awesome.Jalal

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