A Love Letter

Posted: January 10, 2014 in Stories

(This  is a letter from one street to an other parallel running street in the adjacent village)

Dear Love,

It is true that we have never met. Nor shall we ever meet – for we are nothing but mere parallel streets running through two rival villages. Not that they were enemies since time immemorial. They were rather in most friendly terms as far as I can remember. But as they say that happiness donot last forever, those loving villagers turned foes one very fine day. Well, I was saying, maybe we shall never meet. Nor can we ever connect – for humans seldom mend ways or change courses. They would rather move forward than make time for reconciliation, friendship and love. I know they will rather move on (move forward than spend time in connecting us and the villagers).

Do you remember the first day we saw each other? Maybe not! You were too young to remember that day. I was just a trail of soil and stones, created by trampling of feet over my chest, over years and years. People from both the villagers walked/passed through me. I was their backbone. I was the heart of the two villages. I liked it when they would meet and chat as they walked on me. I loved to listen to their conversations… I especially loved it, when two little kids would walk on me, run about and pick stones from my chest… and sometimes decorate me with wild flowers picked from the jungle. I saw them growing… Little did I know that they would fall in love. I was happy when they kissed for the first time, standing by my side.

But soon one day, I saw their bloodied bodies being dragged over my chest. I had stones all over me. I could not absorb their pain but rather inflicted more. For the first time, I regretted being a street. I wished I had grass and flowers on me to soothe their bruised bodies that were being mercilessly towed away. The kids were from these two villages. The villagers turned enemies from that very day. It was then when they created you. The other village was no longer allowed to walk on me. I cried bitterly to see this hatred. I missed the “loving pair” but I never saw them again, anymore. I heard few passersby talk about them once in a while. From what I could make out from their conversations, they were both killed and thrown into the river Sonali that flows through both of us.

You came into being as my enemy. But I could never find a reason to hate you. Rather I am wording this letter to confess that I have fallen in love with you. I often ask Sonali about you. She says, you are beautiful with pretty daffodils blooming by your side and shiny pebbles and stones strewed on your breast. I look at you every day. I see the villagers walking on you… I wish I too could be united with you and unite the two villages, once again!

But I fear… What if they come to know about my love for you? What if they destroy us just the way they destroyed those lovers? But still, I would choose to remain optimistic… I long to remain your lover and unite with you one day! I long to see the villages unite again. And I wish that we give birth to hundred other streets that connects everywhere – criss crossed, zig-zagged and what not! I wish, no barriers could seal us but rather we grow and lovingly intertwine with each other in every possible manner without any trace of enmity and hatred. I wish there exists nothing save love within us! I hope you shall reciprocate my love!

Yours Hopeful Lover

The Parallel Street of your adjacent village

  1. Very creative indeed. To explore the nuances of human beliefs and hatred from the perspective of the road below is novel indeed. Roads which can never meet but willing to put in their thoughts to shift those that walk above from hatred to love. Would they succeed, would they be allowed to? What is needed to make that happen?

    Loved the post!


  2. This is brilliant. Loved it!

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