A Rain Dance

Posted: August 29, 2012 in Stories



“Ah! Another bloody kitchen done!” Rashi sighed with relief and closed the tab on her computer screen. This was the third kitchen drawing she had finished drafting that day and had no intention of starting another one.

“Two more hours to go” she grumbled under her breath. It was 4.30 pm in the evening. She looked around the office to see all her colleagues busy in phone calls and typing mails. Everybody was engrossed in work and seemed so happy. She was bored to death.

After graduating from design school Rashi had joined a reputed company as a Furniture Designer. She had cried and fought with parents against studying medicine or engineering after securing a seat in a reputed design school. She had appeared for the design school exam without informing them.

Design school was fun – sketching, painting, graphics, art, movies, photography, ergonomics, creating new concepts and products… It liberated every soul that studied there. Life amidst so many artists and teachers was enormously fulfilling. Most broad – minded people she had ever met. The classes were interactive and insightful against typical college education. This experience had widened her horizon… where race, region, culture, gender, sexuality, societal norms bore no significance… where everyone was different… where she learnt to respect everyone for what they were. She loved being an artist exploring life and design!


After four years of stimulating, exciting and creative college life she was excited to step out and start her career as a design professional. She hoped to break free and create something new everyday – a piece of art for every client of hers. But soon she realized the stereotype and monotonous things that people were so used to. No one wanted change. No one wanted to experiment. Every client wanted a tried and tested design – a safe stance!

“I want an L shaped kitchen you know. It should look very modern and classy. The Hob point is here, sixty inches from this wall. The sink is on the other corner. Suggest me some nice colors – red and white should look good. Right? The kitchen should be the center of attraction of my home. After all we are spending so much money on it.” Her first client had rattled on without a stop.

She looked at the floor plan of the customer – a six feet by eight feet kitchen in a tiny 1200 sqare feet apartment. She began brainstorming the best way to make the kitchen ergonomically correct and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. All she needed was maybe a day or two to brainstorm, sketch and to create. Then she will need few hours to finish a well rendered 3D model.

“How much time do you think you will take to design this? I can wait in your office till you are done. It should look beautiful you know.” The client chirped excitedly.

Rashi gave her a sheepish smile and looked at the zonal manager who had introduced her to the client. She was expecting him to explain to the client that designing something is not a half an hour joke.It involves a thought process followed by extensive research and that aesthetics always comes last.

“Rashi Madam, give Mrs Mehta a fantastic design with best accessories possible. Make it colourful. Her kitchen should look the best in whole of Bangalore.” He proudly stated.

Mrs Mehta blushed and smiled at the flattering comment. He had already boasted to the Mehtas about the freshly hired IIM and NIFT graduates as managers and designers. It stung Rashi. She felt more like an accessory of the company and less like a designer.

“She will design it in an hour’s time madam. She is an expert designer. It will be done in a jiffy.” The Zonal Manager answered and requested them to his cabin to discuss the rest… sales related stuff.

Rashi got it. She was smart enough to assimilate what he meant. Her job involved nothing more than making thoughtless and brainless 3D models – coloured and rendered perfectly to attract customers. Nothing more. No thought, no art and no creativity. A stale life!!!


It was 4.45 pm now. Rashi was sick of Facebook and it wouldn’t be appropriate to play games either. All colleagues seemed busy to start a chat.

“This fucking Bangalore rain!!! I had to cancel my meeting with my customer” A sales executive loudly grumbled as he entered the office. He had just returned from a customer’s site.

Rashi looked at him. He was drenched in rain. She looked out of the huge glass window. Yes IT WAS raining!!! The noise of AC, constant phone calls and keyboard noise had not let the beautiful sound of rain reach her ears.

Other colleagues were worried about the rain. Some had to pick their groceries on the way. Some had movie plans. Few had kids to picked up from schools. A low commotion of grumbling session had begun in the office. No one wanted the rain.

Rashi smiled at herself on the black computer screen in front of her. She jumped off her chair, up on her feet and was out of the building in a spur of moment.


“Wooo..” she exclaimed as the raindrops kissed her face.

She faced up to look at the sky with the raindrops falling down. She leaned back a bit, closed her eyes and took a long deep breath. It smelt amazingly delicious… a soul satisfying odour. She listened to the sound. The downpour gently falling on the leaves, kissing the ground as if was breathing life into it. She shuffled her hair and the cold droplets touched her head.. beneath the hair. The smell of wet mud was refreshing. Today, she was washing away the dust and rust of her soul.

“Yeah, even life is an art. All you need to know is how to live it!” She muttered to herself with a smile… As she grinned at the sky, the silvery raindrops rolled down her lips and entered her mouth. It tasted good… the taste of life!



  1. Its superb…………………………………………just superb yaar

  2. parashartales says:

    Wow !!! Nisha ..you seem to be my soul sister when comes to loving rains like frog… and I really admire your comment, “A person has to be strong enough to not get carried away to chase ambitions and miss out on little things and happiness in life.” You seem to be a strong woman to me and your writings are just beautiful…. I am yet not finished reading all the posts…stay happy stay blessed!!

  3. Loved the post…! yet to go through all your work..

  4. Rain is life giving, its drops are pearls which quench the thirst of man and other elements of nature. When these drops fall on our body, our very soul gets satiated.
    Your write up is indeed wonderful. Also thanks for visiting my blog and liking my poem, ‘attachment’.

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