Posted: August 17, 2012 in Fine Art



The memories of my childhood

the river that I swam in

the trees that I climbed on

the green fields and gardens

the beauty that molded my heart

the serenity that taught me peace and love

I miss those days, those lovely days…



  1. RAMU DAS says:

    As much as you miss your childhood days, so do I, and I believe, everyone does the same. Those days were really lovely. Given a chance, in case by a miracle, or suppose I get a time machine; I would like to go back and live in those carefree and joyful days.

    • Nishajyoti Sharma says:

      🙂 Hence this sketch….

      U grew Up in Nagaland… No wonder you miss childhood and the wild fun amidst the natural surrounding. Thanks for liking the post.

      • RAMU DAS says:

        Yes, yes, I did grew up in Nagaland, but I admit, the fun wasn’t really wild as it may seem. However, I did like it as it was, and long for it knowing nothing can be changed. What has gone that has gone. 😀

        Oh, BTW, that’s a beautiful sketch. 🙂

  2. Here is Thomas Hood saying something similar. Hope you enjoy it!

    I Remember, I Remember

    I remember, I remember
    The house where I was born,
    The little window where the sun
    Came peeping in at morn;
    He never came a wink too soon
    Nor brought too long a day;
    But now, I often wish the night
    Had borne my breath away.

    I remember, I remember
    The roses red and white,
    The violets and the lily cups–
    Those flowers made of light!
    The lilacs where the robin built,
    And where my brother set
    The laburnum on his birthday,–
    The tree is living yet!

    I remember, I remember
    Where I was used to swing,
    And thought the air must rush as fresh
    To swallows on the wing;
    My spirit flew in feathers then
    That is so heavy now,
    The summer pools could hardly cool
    The fever on my brow.

    I remember, I remember
    The fir-trees dark and high;
    I used to think their slender tops
    Were close against the sky:
    It was a childish ignorance,
    But now ’tis little joy
    To know I’m farther off from Heaven
    Than when I was a boy.

    Thomas Hood

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