Self Portrait

Posted: August 17, 2012 in Fine Art



I think I have fallen in love with myself… all over again!!!

A realization…  life has become a ritual – so mechanical, so monotonous, so colourless that we have forgotten our own selves…!!! I would rather say – Love thyself first, then love thy neighbour… 🙂



  1. How lucky I am, Nishajyoti, to find a photo AND a self-portrait of the person who left 3 comments and 35 “likes” on my blog today! I just got this notice from WordPress: “August 31: Your best day for likes on The Daily Graff: Mon.-Fri” (and it’s only one hour INTO August 31 here)! I started my blog on Nov. 1, 2010, and have never missed a weekday post, yet you made TODAY my best day EVER for likes. I’m so glad you liked my site.

    Your self-portrait and the drawing that accompanies the post about your childhood are wonderful! You are a good artist and a good writer.

  2. Great attempt at self portraiture!

  3. You really have got passion towards creating new things as gift…. Recently i tried to make an sketch of a Rickshaw but was not good enough to post… Well this is really good..

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