I have body hair and I really don’t care!

Posted: June 9, 2012 in Psychology, Soul Searching
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I was about 14 years old when it all began… All my girl friends started to thread their eyebrows. I could not help noticing how artificial it looked – the clean distinct line of eyebrow hair above the eyes. Some would even sneakily use their dad’s razor to shave off hair on their arms and legs. I could feel the prickly hair that emerged afterwards when I accidentally brushed against them.  Back then I was too busy in my own happy world to try these things on myself.

It is really surprising to see teen girls and young women spending so much time, energy and money on so called grooming up. Why is body hair in woman considered so repulsive? And how do these young girls get so inspired to bear the pain of plucking out the innocent little hair off their body? It has nothing to do with health or hygiene. It is a deeply rooted psychological issue in our society. A hot female model or a film celebrity is always the first idol every young girl aspires to become. Their hotness is portrayed by impeccably airbrushed breasts, waist and hips… not a trace of body hair is to be seen anywhere. Not a single model or celebrity has body hair or bushy eyebrows! They are the ones who promote all sorts of hair removing products and flawless skin.

Peer pressure is another big reason. No kid is appreciated for being different. They immediately get tagged as weirdo or a geek. Some have that natural individuality in them but this does not last long. Ridicule, constant reminders and standing out distinctly from others can be uncomfortable to the toughest individualistic person at times. And at that tender age, all they want is to fit in. They do it because everybody else is doing it. This is an unconscious choice that every girl makes.

Men have their share of body hair – much more than a woman does. Apart from arms and legs they have hair on their chest and bellies! Why isn’t anyone advising them to wax it off? The same hair removing products can be applied to male bodies as well… aren’t they? Body hair in men is considered a sign of strength, manliness and even erotic. Young men are repulsed by body hair in females. Exposure to porn is immense and the idea of a female body is completely distorted by this. Women portrayed by porn and the media are so unnatural. And hence every young man today desires a flawless woman. And many women give in to their partner’s desires to achieve that desirable look – being body hairless is one of the major steps. Bikini waxing is gaining more and more popularity among young women. Is there any woman who really enjoys this painful process?

Luckily I wasn’t sucked in by fads or trends or whatever you wish to call it. I never cared if my eyebrows were thick or uneven. I tried avoiding skirts and shorts as much as I could. But I love to wear them! Why should I care so much and compromise on the type of clothes I like to wear? The weird looks by men and women definitely make me feel conscious at times. I try not to care. I actually don’t care. Especially, when I see women staring at my legs with surprise, I give them a smile. I do not understand why can’t they love and accept themselves and others the way they are? Do they stare at men’s legs (ten times hairier than mine) in the same way? I am what I am… I do not need to peel out my skin or put layers of makeup on my face to make myself look beautiful. I feel confident and beautiful from within and that is what really matters. I do not have to follow any trends to make myself feel confident. I have taken this conscious decision to stay natural and remain a non conformist in this programmed society.

I do not want to tag myself as a feminist. Why use that word at all? I am a normal girl who wants to live a normal and natural life unaffected by the psychological, cultural, social and emotional maxims of the society.



  1. RAMU DAS says:

    “Apart from arms and legs they have hair on their chest and bellies! Why isn’t anyone advising them to wax it off?” HAHAH! that’s a good point.

    Bold you are that you’ve touched this topic!
    And, as it is mostly seen, girls of towns and cities tend to do such acts , it’s not something so common with the girls of villages, the girls from villages look naturally beautiful and pretty than the girls of our towns and cities with thier cosmetic powered skin.

  2. Nishajyoti Sharma says:

    Glad that you even bothered to read it…! For, even many girls will not bother to think or ask themselves why they really do that.

    • nelzzy says:

      weee…i can really relate to this one too…gosh im so glad to know im not the last person who does not pluck eyebrows here in earth..hahaha…my eyebrows??? gosh!!! state of chaos..haha but i dont care…i remember during my highschool and college days, my classmates used to sit around during breaks plucking their eyebrows or retouching their make-ups…i would stare at them like, they’re doing something out of this world and they would laugh at me…they would often offer to arrange my eyebrows for me but i always turn them down…gee why would i let them anyway??? just the thought of getting rid of my eyebrows makes me wanna run….just looking at what their doing scares me to death!! i bet thats too painful!!!

      good thing though, lucky for me, i am not really a hairy girl…i dont have hairs under my arms; and hairs in my arms and legs are very fine you could barely notice them!!!

      i’ll be 24 by the end of this month, and i could say i never shaved any hair from my body…i only apply make-up during dance intermissions at school or if im attending weddings and of course during my graduations..hehehe

      ive seen young girls like me so busy grooming themselves almost every minute, but i didnt go along with them just to fit in..i have a circle of friends who arent that conscious in grooming either and im so lucky to be around them… i went to school everyday with no make up at all and just happy to wear my uniform…i go out with friends wearing a simple pair of jeans and a simple t-shirt and of course with my favorite flipflops…hahaha i comb my hair, put a little face powder…some cologne and im good to go anywhere….

      nude face and chaotic eyebrows rocks!!! hehehe

      more power miss author…love this piece of yours really….it made me feel good about myself again….

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